Live Preview of  "Trouble"

Jason's new song, Trouble, is previewed live and unplugged ahead of the album release, at The Crib in Herndon, VA on September 13, 2018.

CBS' Young and the Restless features Jason Masi's Music

"Calm Me Down" and "Love's Lips" are featured as background music in various, separate scenes from the CBS daytime series Young and the Restless. The background music is quiet compared to the character dialogue, but those familiar with the two songs will recognize Jason's unique vocals immediately. These song placements mark an important accomplishement for Jason Masi.

Reviews of Capture The Heart

"Jason uses his smooth yet strong vocals to tell us that he wants to dream big and know that he has taken every adventure that he was available to him. Great message!"

(Music Injection, October 2018)


"Masi’s newest release, Capture the Heart, is slated for release in 2018. The album explores various genres but maintains the honesty and focus that define Masi’s sound. From the driving opening track “The Adventurer” which imagines a life full of exploration to the title track “Capture the Heart” that pays tribute to street musicians in New Orleans, each song has a fresh identity."

(Its Not Records, October 2018)


"American singer-songwriter Jason Masi has just unveiled his brand new single The Adventurer, a cool pop/rock song about living life to the fullest. I really enjoy the tone of Jason's vocals which soar over the infectious production."

(Caesar Live N Loud, October 2018)


"[The song] Trouble features Jason Masi on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. This song is destined to be a theme song anywhere there’s danger and adventure afoot, and is a fresh mix of rock energy and bluesy swagger."

(Americana Highways, November 2018)



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